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Here at Marie Ball Consulting, we firmly believe understanding your own and your people’s drivers means you can do something positive about the engagement, motivation and performance of your organisation.

This is where we come in.

Our tried and tested methods describe measure and monitor motivation. The outcome is a report that provides strategies for optimising individual, team and organisational performance.


Did You Know?

Only 21%
Of Employees Are Actively Engaged at Work Globally
Only 17%
Of Employees Are Actively Engaged At Work In Australia/New Zealand
Just 1 in 3
Employees Are Thriving In Their Overall Wellbeing
State of the Global Workplace Report 2022 - Gallup.

Human Resources Services

Motivational Maps

The Motivational Map™ is unique in that it not only analyses the motivators but also highlights where the motivators reinforce or conflict with one another. This allows for more in-depth team understanding, leading to a greater outcome of results and performance.

Managing Individuals & Teams

Whether you're looking to grow your skills, develop an individual, or manage a team, Marie Ball Consultings' broad range of HR skills and experience is the expert consultation that you need. We are trained in the application of several diagnostics to assist with identifying organisational or team root problems.

HR Consulting

Marie Ball Consulting offers HR training that focuses on all stages of the employee life cycle and Motivational Maps accreditation. MBC's training will greatly benefit HR officers, staff who have HR as part of their role, business managers, and even for those just looking to build confidence in HR!

We specialise In Workplace Areas such as:


About Marie Ball Consulting

I am the Founder and Director of Marie Ball Consulting who thrives on challenges in workplaces, where I can draw on my experience and skills from over 25 years in community, government & private sectors to work with you on sustainable solutions.

I am extremely useful when you do not know your next steps or feel something is not quite right with your people, and you need assistance to find the root issue so you can all move forward.

Supported educationally with a MHRM, Graduate Certificate in Business, several coaching qualifications and I am also licensed to use Motivational Maps and train practitioners.

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5% of every invoice is donated to a Charity of Your Choice.

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Client Reviews

  • I would like to pass on that the feedback from my team on this process has been very positive, in particular the one on one discussions you conducted. One valued staff member has decided to leave the team following this exercise, which is a good outcome for this person and great that the motivational mapping was able to help her understand what she needs to do next career-wise.
    - Director (Australian Government)
  • After many years in and around education, I’ve become a bit cynical about personality “tools”, and I approached Motivational Maps without any great enthusiasm. So I was very surprised to find that it was actually really useful! It provided some interesting insights into my own motivators, especially where some things weren’t quite what I had expected, and forced me to ask what this meant. It was particularly valuable in helping me to see what motivated the staff I am responsible for. Managing people doesn’t come naturally to a Computing person, so these insights are very helpful. The end results of this program far exceeded the relatively small amount of time it took.
    - Rob Shera (STCC)
  • Marie Ball is undeniably one of the best consultants I know. She presented well-articulated research, and spent time in understanding and advocating what I needed to achieve and where I had to focus to develop self-awareness and fulfilment at my current role. Her presence and positive outlook towards workplace management (and life in general) would be truly infectious for her future clients.
    - Dave Naishadh (Telecommunications, Sydney)
  • Hi Marie, thank you for your excellent advice and support over the past year. Your work on motivational mapping has been great for us as a team and we continue to make use of your insights as the basis of our ongoing team planning. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future.
    - Alan Duffy (Director Australian Government)
  • I completed a motivational map last year and it was immensely useful. Finding out what motivates me to do my best was much more insightful than the many other workplace testing I have done.
    - Mel Harwood (Assistant Director, Communications and Marketing National Archives of Australia)

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