At MBC we are specialists in assisting individuals and teams to understand what motivates them and their colleagues to create a thriving work environment.

We do this using Motivational Map® tools to:

  • Raise individual self-awareness
  • Improve motivation level and employee engagement
  • Support leaders to enhance their potential and that of their teams
  • Empower individuals and teams to discover bespoke solutions
  • Build a positive environment to increase performance

A Motivational Map® is a self-perception online inventory that assists individuals, teams and their organisations to identify, explore and plan using an increased understanding of individual and team motivators. The tool analyses responses and generates a report that reveals each person’s key motivators AND their level of motivation. Each report is followed by an individual debrief of the results, to clarify and further draw out future action to increase motivation where it matters.

Motivational Maps were developed in the UK 10 years ago and are now used by thousands of people in over 14 countries worldwide. Motivational Maps have been available in Australia/New Zealand since mid-2015.

What our clients say about us

The Motivation Youth Map gave me a better insight into the person I am and what I value. It also gave me key ideas about the qualities that may help me achieve what I want and how to better develop those qualities.’’

Sam Student,  17 years of age.