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At MBC, we are experienced HR professionals who will listen to understand your concerns and assist you with a range of tailored solutions that will meet your requirements.

We are most useful at the start of your journey when you know something is not quite right or when you have identified the issue and are looking for the next steps to take.


How We Shape Teams To Perform:

Building Cooperative Capability™ is at the heart of the work we do with teams. We use the Motivational Team Maps diagnostic to provide an understanding of dynamics within a team and work with you to identify the overall strategies needed to build cooperative capability™. We know that a team with high levels of cooperation will display the following four characteristics of a high performing team:

  1. They will have a Remit and be on the same mission
  2. Team will be Interdependent and recognise that each one’s gifts, abilities and talents are needed
  3. They'll strong Beliefs that it is better to cooperate and more can be achieved; and...
  4. Are Accountable to the organisation and to each other

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • “Marie’s facilitation style is very easy to remain engaged with. She presents in a relaxed way, not lecturing and does not use complicated language. Marie also ensures all attendees are actively involved and allows opportunity to talk of our own experiences. This made the training much more enjoyable.”

    Samantha Butcher 
    Business Manager Curijo
  • "Thank you very much for your service over the past few months. It was a fantastic journey to set up priorities for our new HR function in the business. You have broad experience in Human Resources Management which we were certainly able to benefit from. Thanks for helping us during the hiring process of a HR Manager. Your advice in selecting the right HRIS software, setting up an internal and external communication plan was very helpful too. You are not only delivering quality work, you are also a very pleasant personality with a great humour. Looking forward to more projects with you."

    Reto Fuhrer
    General Manager Quin Global APAC & Aeropac

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