Does Collaboration Drive Workplace Performance?

We are connected by Who we Work For and Work With….. rarely do we get the choice of the latter - who we want to work with! The powers that be, generally decide the team based on the task that needs doing and the skills required to execute successfully. It is a bit of a gamble for them; however they soldier on with some known players and may add in a couple of new ones to the team and hope for the best! Sounds like all the bases have been covered…right? Maybe not. Do we have a foundation where team members understand how they themselves best interact in a team, and do they appreciate how their team members prefer to work? Learning how our co-workers roll is usually trial and error and is made up of series of interactions where we try and pick up cues from their behaviour.

It is becoming more evident that when a team is in sync there are multiple benefits. "A Stanford study from a few years ago found that even the mere perception of working collectively on a task can supercharge our performance." (“New Study Finds That Collaboration Drives Workplace Performance - Forbes”). Bearing in mind that the majority of us work in some type of team, consideration for the part we play would be beneficial.

In workshops we ask people to share “What was your favourite job and why”. The noise in the room is immediately elevated, we see smiles, hear laughter and the energy is palpable. Most likely, that job they are so excited to share, aligns with what was motivating them at that time and on reflection was clearly a positive experience.

What motivates us and our teammates need not be a mystery anymore. We can use Motivational Maps to discover what our motivators are so we can gain greater self-awareness on our own needs and motivations. Now to understanding everyone else!
One of our most successful team building workshops has included Team Motivational Maps. This tool offers several advantages when used effectively in the context of team management. Here are just three key benefits:

Insights into Individual Motivation

Motivational maps provide a structured way to understand the motivations and drivers of each team member. This insight allows a tailored approach and task alignment with individual preferences, increasing engagement and satisfaction.

Enhanced Communication

 By understanding each team member's motivations, communication can be more effective. Teammates can communicate in a way that resonates with others' motivational preferences, leading to better collaboration and reduced misunderstandings and conflict.

Retention and Talent Management

A better understanding of what motivates team members can contribute to higher employee retention rates. When employees feel understood and supported in their motivations, they are more likely to stay committed to the team and the organisation.

So we may not choose who we work with, but we can be given the skills and intel to ensure our behaviour and actions has a positive impact on those around us.

What do our clients say?

Hi Marie, thank you for your excellent advice and support over the past year. Your work on motivational mapping has been great for us as a team and we continue to make use of your insights as the basis of our ongoing team planning. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future. - Alan (Director Australian Government)

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