School – Queanbeyan High School
Group – Year 12 Youth Leadership Team

About the School
Queanbeyan High School is a comprehensive community high school serving its local and
rural communities. It seeks to ensure a comprehensive education for its students and has
developed programs to support students in their academic, sporting and cultural pursuits.
The school's motto of "Nothing without endeavor" exemplifies the school's commitment to
establish high expectations for all students, staff and programs offered.
The Approach
Following initial discussions about the Youth Motivational Map, the school were keen to pilot
a program with the elected year 12 leadership team, which consisted of two school captains
and four prefects. This group of students were chosen to see if they would benefit from the
Youth Motivational Map Profiling tool in building individual awareness of their own motivators
as well using the tool to develop a strong leadership team culture.
The pilot program was delivered in three phases:
Phase One:

The Careers Advisor undertook the adult motivational mapping exercise to
understand the profiling tool and its benefits as well as providing support to the youth
leadership team. The six students attended a short meeting where the activity was
Phase Two:
Students received their personal Youth Motivational Map and discussed their motivational
profile. The Careers Advisor then joined the discussion where the students result and
strategies were shared. The Parents and the Careers Advisor received a copy of the Parent
and Mentor report which provided strategies on how best to assist and provide each student
with support.
Phase Three:
A workshop was held to discuss the team results. Each team member shared a primary
motivator and discussed how it contributed to the year 12 leadership cohort. They
workshopped ideas to strengthen their relationships and progressed onto choosing a project
they could all contribute and participate in to leave as a legacy to their school.
The students gained better awareness of their own motivational drivers and how to use this
information to improve and maintain their motivation. They developed a stronger leadership
team culture as they learnt to appreciate other perspectives.
What the students said………
Recognised qualities that these traits can in fact be strengths rather than recognising them as
weaknesses. Breanna 17
Understanding of the truth of me. Joseph 18
Knowledge of myself and knowing of my potential to achieve in the future. Nick 17
Knowledge of myself and the team. Georgia 17
Made me understand myself and my friends better. Set myself goals which were achievable but
challenging for me. Hayley 17
Found out more about myself and see what truly matters to me. Helping me to understand what
motivates me. Rhani 18

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