Jaime is an experienced Executive Level officer in the Australian Public Service. Due to an unprecedented lack of promotional opportunities in the past six years in the Australian Public Service, Jaime was seeking to discover other key drivers that would keep her satisfied in the workplace. Jaime was mapped in October 2015 and again in May 2016. Her role had changed from the first mapping activity to the second in 2016.


Motivational Maps was a career coaching tool used to assist Jaime with identifying what had changed in her level of engagement, motivation and performance between October 2015 and May 2016. Both of the Motivational Maps were discussed to identify what were those drivers, decisions and behaviours that provided Jaime the greatest satisfaction in the workplace.

Business goal

To increase self-awareness, renew motivation and set a clear career path that would align with those motivators that are important to Jaime. To reflect on what motivators had changed and why, and use this information to establish goals going forward. Reward strategies were to be identified and agreed by Jaime’s supervisor to empower a thriving supportive and happy environment.


The May 2016 map identified a new top motivator “Director” for Jaime jumping from the least preference into the top three. At the time of the first map in 2015, Jaime was in a new role managing a team. This role had changed in the time period leading into the 2016 map where Jaime no longer managed a team. The discovery of how this motivator was important, generated a new career plan where opportunities to manage, leadership and management development and a goal to improve communication skills became a part of Jaime’s new strategic approach to securing a management position. A career coaching approach guided by the accuracy of the Map has empowered Jaime with the awareness, knowledge and motivation to pursue those things that are important to her. Jaime’s confidence has grown and motivation increased as reward strategies are identified and applied. Jaime has been promoted to a Director level position 2017.

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