Testimonials Adult Maps

I completed a motivational map last year and it was immensely useful. Finding out what motivates me to do my best was much more insightful than the many other workplace testing I have done.

Mel Harwood, Assistant Director, Communications and Marketing
National Archives of Australia

Thanks for all your work in preparing and delivering yesterday’s Motivational Mapping workshop. Feedback from the Assistant Secretary and staff has been very positive – people have drawn a lot from it.

Director – Internal Communications and Production Services- Australian Government

I would like to pass on that the feedback from my team on this process has been very positive, in particular the one on one discussions you conducted. One valued staff member has decided to leave the team following this exercise, which is a good outcome for this person and great that the motivational mapping was able to help her understand what she needs to do next career-wise.

Director, Department of the Environment and Energy, Australian Government

Marie Ball is undeniably one of the best consultants I know. She presented well-articulated research, and spent time in understanding and advocating what I needed to achieve and where I had to focus to develop self-awareness and fulfilment at my current role. Her presence and positive outlook towards workplace management (and life in general) would be truly infectious for her future clients.

Dave Naishadh–Telecommunications, Sydney

Marie and I have known each other professionally for many years. Marie spoke to me about doing my Motivational Map at a time when I was at a crossroads in in my career. The Mapping process was emailed to me and I emailed the test back. I met with Marie for approximately an hour to receive the feedback. The results were very accurate and made me consider my strengths and my weaknesses and how best to manage them moving forward professionally. Marie as always was very professional and I would recommend Motivational Mapping as an effective tool both professionally and personally.

Ruth Zivkovic, Australian Government

Youth Maps

“It was interesting getting the Motivational Youth Maps feedback and reports, which confirmed that our girls are motivated by totally different things. Things that work for our eldest daughter have no impact on our youngest and vice versa. This process has helped us understand how we can assist them develop as individuals. Can’t wait for it to be implemented in schools so that the teachers can get the best out of the students instead of treating them all the same.”

Debbie and Grant Williams

 “Accurate and reflective the data provided was very useful”.

– Harewood College, Learning Co-Ordinator

“As school leaders what we seek to do, is to create the conditions in which a person feels disposed to be intrinsically motivated. And that is possible. But first you need to know what motivates a teacher or a child, because we are not all motivated by the same aspirations or activities. This, surely, is one of the most important tasks for a teacher – to help her students identify what motivates them, deep down. It has taken me many years to realise that achieving what you want is almost always possible; it’s knowing what you want that’s the hard part.”School Principal and Author of The Invisible Ink Series. John Catt Publishers, Andrew Hammond.

 ‘’All four of my children undertook the Motivational Youth Maps. As their parent I found the results really helpful in understanding the different motivators and drivers for each child. In particular, the Motivational Youth map helped me understand why one of the four reacts so differently to the other three. The results also forced me to realise that giving my teenagers more freedom is essential to ensuring their overall motivation and application to schoolwork. Overall really valuable insight into difference. Thanks to the Mindscious team”.

Parent, Fiona Jolly

A confidence boosting experience which has resulted in a confident learner“.

Reigate St Mary’s. Head of English.

‘’My 8 and 10 years old boys did the Motivational Youth Maps. This was really helpful to me as parent in understanding how they are motivated when they cannot really put that into words themselves. Has made a difference to how I can help them choose different paths at primary school such as encouraging one into more science related activities and the other into more team based and creative activities such as choir.’’

Fiona Jolly

The Motivation Youth Map gave me a better insight into the person I am and what I value. It also gave me key ideas about the qualities that may help me achieve what I want and how to better develop those qualities.’’

Student, Sam 17 years of age.

 ‘’The Motivational Youth Map help me put into words what I know motivates me and helps me understand the best way to learn.’’

Student Nick 17 years of age.