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How Can Marie Ball Consulting Help Your Team?

At Marie Ball Consulting, we hold the strong conviction that comprehending the motivating factors of both yourself and your workforce can pave the way for enhancing the engagement, motivation, and overall performance of your organisation.

This is where our expertise comes into play. Our proven methods encompass the assessment, quantification, and tracking of motivational drivers. As a result, we deliver a comprehensive report equipped with strategies tailored to optimising the performance of individuals, teams, and the organisation as a whole.

Our Five Step Process


Discovery Call: We identify the what and why?


Discovery Consult: To gain full understanding


Share an initial plan: Open to collaboration


Written proposal: Approach and commitment


Accept Proposal: We get to work!

What we do to help your team


As HR specialists we understand the many factors that impact people in the workplace that may cause them to leave. Our tested strategies align rewards and recognition programs targeting the right incentive for the right person at the right time.

Saving Time & Money

We reduce you staff turnover help you recruit the right people based on your culture, help you target rewards and recognition in a meaningful way that will boost motivation level increasing productivity.

Quiet Quitting

When the staff member gives just enough effort to stay in the job. We have the skills and resources to get to the bottom of the core issues your people may have at work. As independent consultants we are able to build trust quickly with staff and work with them on identifying obstacles that prevent them from thriving.’

How we help your team



In a post pandemic environment your people have and are experiencing challenges that have impacted their levels of resilience and reduced wellbeing.
Saving time and money


We train in managing personal and work stress, bouncing back from setbacks and preparing for future challenges. This toolkit builds resilient and strong individuals therefore teams.


We also use motivational maps that detects what drives us, making the invisible motivations we have visible. When these are being met we are more satisfied, happier and productive increasing our wellbeing score.

Our Change Management Programs

  • Proactively support and include your people on the change journey.
  • Support the organisation in the implementation of the required changes.
  • Reduce the negative effects of required changes.

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